A Winter Daytrip to the Village of Brisighella, Italy

The Castle- La Rocca in Brisighella, Italy

Deep in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna, a provence in northern Italy, sits the medieval village of Brisighella. To say that it is tucked away would be a lie: the village center sits at the base of three rocky crags, each topped by a structure: a church, a castle, a clock tower. They guard the village, their silhouettes visible from around the Lamone River valley. But Brisighella feels like a ... Read Full Article

Learning Italian in Bologna

Learning Italian in Italy can take you out of your comfort zone, but it definitely has its perks. One such perk involved having a lesson in a wine cellar, which I found did wonders for my fluency. “We have a saying in Italy,” said our teacher Giordana. “He who doesn’t drink in company is either a thief or a spy.” Giordana's announcement was greeted with smiles and raised glasses. The ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Bologna, Italy


The ancient city of Bologna has a thriving hotel scene, and though it is short on five-star accommodations, Bologna has numerous four and three-star ‘where to stay’ options. When choosing where to stay in Bologna, note that the city is quite spread out and that it’s best to stay either within or close to the Ring Road, where most of the important sights are located. Consequently, the following ... Read Full Article

Bologna, Italy: La Dotta, La Grassa, La Rossa

  During a 3-day visit, I discovered that there is more to love about Bologna than its fabulous Bolognese sauce. While I was living near Nice, France, I frequently visited the webpage of the independent Utne Reader. It made me feel connected to my home state of Minnesota and kept me plugged into news and views in the U.S. during my time abroad. When they profiled Bologna as one of the ... Read Full Article