Boating in France: Starting the Boating Season

While I always look forward to the boating season, I find it hard to be enthusiastic about the first couple of weeks.  Early in the year the weather in France can be cold and rainy for days at a time and the boat, left on its own for eight months, needs a lot of attention. There is the regular maintenance, and then there are the surprises. Joan has already written about opening things up, ... Read Full Article

Boating in France: First Days Aboard

As anticipated, it took a couple of days to sort out our living spaces. The books were in the food compartment, the bedding on the kitchen table, and the gangplank was in the aft cabin bedroom. Luckily the weather was good, so we could open up the entire boat and move things from area to area, including the outside decks and pontoon to which the boat was tied. While I did the unpacking, Neil ... Read Full Article