Birmingham, England: City of Industry, Culture and Public Squares

Birmingham, the second largest city in England, has an enjoyable downtown area with architectually significant buildings and extensive pedestrianized areas. The city has a long history as an industrial center as well as a place of culture, and you are constantly reminded of these facts as you stroll the city center’s broad streets and squares. At its heart is Centenary Square, which was given ... Read Full Article

Penrhos Manor House, an Eco Manor in the United Kingdom

Usually we think of Eco conscious hotels as being modern in design and minimalistic in decor. However the Penrhos Manor House (60 miles from Bristol and Birmingham) in England, takes you back to another time period while also being one of the most Eco friendly properties you will find in the UK. Hardly touched by modern life, Penrhos Manor House is an old manor farm located in the border ... Read Full Article

The Best of Birmingham, England

Birmingham, a bustling city in the middle of the English countryside, often competes with Manchester as England’s second city to London. Birmingham has its own quirks and charms, though, and is a must-see on any tourist agenda. Here are some suggestions on the best that Birmingham has to offer. Canals Did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice? A city at the heart of the ... Read Full Article