Where to Stay in Bilbao, Spain

Melia Bilbao

A medium-sized city, Bilbao offers a good selection of ‘where to stay’ options; and there’s no excuse for staying outside of the city center, where the most important sights are located. The following where to stay in Bilbao hotel recommendations give preference to centrally located hotels as well as to hotels that offer complimentary WiFi, though this is somewhat rare in Bilbao. Additionally, ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat and Drink in Bilbao, Spain

If Basque cuisine needs any introduction at all, then let me quote Anthony Bourdain, who has called the Basque Country "the center of Western gastronomy." With the chance to spend a week in Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque Country, how could I not put such bold claims to the test? Now, I will never claim to be an expert gourmand. However, if you give me a week and a license to eat and drink, ... Read Full Article

Architectural Wonders in the Rioja Region of Spain

Marques de Riscal

  Distinctive design, world class wine and delectable food prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, rolled tidily into four days, what more could one ask for on a tour? Last September (peak season for the harvest) we took an unforgettable wine tour through the beautiful Rioja region of Spain. The small medieval villages were full of history and rich in cultural heritage. We discovered the art ... Read Full Article

Bilbao: Guggenheim, Tapas and Basque Beauty

The fused scents of cigar smoke, charred wet stone and centuries of Basque history permeate the seven streets of the Casco Viejo, the cobblestone old quarter of Bilbao. I am dwarfed by ornate, 15th century six-story architecture, panoramic hills strafing the distance, and the cooling breeze from the Bay of Biscay fluttering my hair. This charming Basque city, once hardened and industrial, is now ... Read Full Article

Exploring Bilbao, Spain: A Paradise for Foodies and Art Lovers

  After writing a paper on the Bilbao Guggenheim for a contemporary art history course in graduate school, I knew I had to get there one day. I was captivated by Frank Gehry’s innovative architectural design and curious to see the museum’s diverse collection. So, the day after I finished a rather intense teaching gig in France, I convinced my husband to hop a train with me, bound for the ... Read Full Article