An Unforgettable Ride: Biking From Blois to Chambord in France’s Loire Valley

Chateau de Blois spiral staircase

A few summers ago, I experienced the Loire Valley as I never had before, on a bike. Though there are various types and levels of biking excursions one can take throughout the Châteaux de la Loire region, I found the 1.5 hour ride from Blois to Chambord to be delightful and just challenging enough to break a sweat (for a non-regular rider). We began in Blois with a daytime tour of it’s ... Read Full Article

Boating in France: Burgundy Biking

Biking on a Country road

For over nine years, Neil and Joan have been spending their summers cruising the canals and rivers of Western Europe aboard their now thirty-one-year-old Dutch motor-cruiser, the “Estate.”  This year they are again sharing their experiences with you. Shortly after purchasing our boat, Estate, in Holland in 2001, we also bought some old, Dutch, “clunker” bicycles. At least that’s how they look. ... Read Full Article