Seven of the Best Beaches in Europe

Praia da Marinha beach in Portugal, one of the best beaches in Europe

With spring finally here, and summer on the doorstep, beach season is ramping up again in the northern hemisphere. It’s a welcome turn for lovers of European surf, sun and sand-between-the-toes frivolity. After all, Europe is home to some of the most stunning and spectacular beaches on earth. Here’s a quick taste of some of the best beaches in Europe; you really ought to consider visiting at least ... Read Full Article

Breathtaking Biarritz, France

Casino lovers, beach bums, shoppers, surfers, golfers, photographers, big spenders, history buffs, art lovers, architecture affectionados, thalassotherapy patients, foodies…Biarritz has something for everyone. Biarritz is located in France’s Basque region, on the Atlantic and at the base of the Aquitaine mountain range. The city’s historical significance stems from the fact that Napoleon ... Read Full Article

Surf’s Up at France’s Basque Coast

We spent a few days in Basque Country located in the Southwest corner of France in the early spring.  We were delighted to find that this area is France's other summer playground offering travelers a unique cultural experience as well as beaches galore. The Basque region is comprised of seven provinces, four in Spain and three in France, that straddle the western Pyrenees Mountains. The ... Read Full Article

A Warm Welcome in Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne

We arrived on Thursday afternoon in a raging rainstorm, flying in from Paris.  It was a good flight, but landing was a little nerve-wracking because of the high winds. We stayed that night at a charming little hotel in Biarritz called the Edouard VII. The next day we were off to discover Biarritz, the surfing capital of France. By the fierceness of the waves crashing against the shore, I can ... Read Full Article