9 of Europe’s Best Funicular Railways

Funicular in Bergen

They go up, they go down, and they show a side of things you can’t get anywhere else. Sure, funicular railways might have their roots in yesteryear, but they’re still one of the most sought after attractions on the tourist trail. From heritage cars to sleek, modern cabs, Europe sports some of the most visually spectacular funicular rides on the planet. Here’s a bucket list of ten of the best ... Read Full Article

Insider’s Guide to Bern

Regal and ethereal, the city of Bern (or Berne) looks as though it jumped out from a medieval picture book; this is probably because its streets and buildings have remained mostly untouched since the 1400s. Bern is one of the great Switzerland cities. It doesn’t hurt to have the Swiss Alps as backdrop, either; their peaks retain snow even in the summer. Uniquely, the city has sights that will ... Read Full Article

Perfect Little Bern, Switzerland

  Bern, Switzerland is one of those perfect little Alpine cities that could double as Santa Claus’ summer home. In fact, he probably does live there, near Albert Einstein’s old home and within laughing distance of the 'Zytglogge' so everyone can hear him enjoy the puppets and bells of the world famous clock tower. When Santa isn’t sitting around listening to the Zytglogge while wearing ... Read Full Article