Berlin’s Kreuzberg and Kreuzkölln: a Good Food, Drink & Coffee Guide

Cafes, bars and restaurants continue to sprout out of Berlin’s gentrifying neighbourhoods like spargel in the summertime. Kreuzkölln, the apex of gritty Kreuzberg and Neukölln, and its surrounds, remain a lure for Berlin’s flock of international émigrés, students and creatives. It’s no secret that the borough offers some of the best and cheapest options in the city for great food, drink and ... Read Full Article

Learning More About the Brandenburg Gate

I’ll admit it. When my Berlin-savvy friend asked if I’d like to stop by the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), I said “yes, of course!” As we strolled past the Hotel Aldon (of Michael Jackson fame), I racked my brain trying to think of what I remembered (or had ever learned) about the Brandenburg Gate and came up next to empty. I guess this is the beauty of traveling- to discover new places and ... Read Full Article

Germany Christmas Markets: a World of Christmas Magic

At Christmastime, Germany reveals its most Magical side. More than 2,500 Christmas markets invite you to share in the joy of the Christmas season and enter into Germany's festive spirit. If you want to enjoy these enchanting markets, you will need to plan ahead. In October and even sooner, tour companies roll out their Winter Escorted Tour brochures and on-line offerings. Here is a list of the ... Read Full Article