Barcelona: The New Mecca of Shoes

Cuplé Sandal

For shopping addicts, there is no fix as satisfying as finding fabulous shoes at an attainable price. These days, sadly, if you’re craving a fashion forward style in luxurious material that won’t leave your feet looking as if they’ve been through Chinese binding, the price tag is upwards of $400. In Barcelona, however, shoes are a right – not just a privilege for those who can afford ... Read Full Article

Photo Essay: A Ramble Down Barcelona’s Ramblas

Angel in White

  If you're in Barcelona, the place to be - day and night- is the Ramblas, that Plane tree lined pedestrian boulevard that takes you from the Placa de Catalunya direct to the sea. The Ramblas is alive with open-air restaurants, artisans selling their wares, and a multitude of street performers lining the boulevard, all seeking your attention. Check -out our photos of the Ramblas street ... Read Full Article

Paella Recipe: Eating Spanish with The Ravenous Traveler

Paella by PincasPhoto

Getting to know a foreign country through its traditional flavors is a whole-body experience. In Spain, the scent of sofrito—a mix of garlic, onion, peppers, and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil—can open the mind to Spanish culture just as quickly as a visit to Sagrada Família in Barcelona. Throw in a carefully made seafood stock, Spanish paprika, and Valencian-grown rice, and you’re getting closer ... Read Full Article

Exploring Barcelona’s Eixample Neighborhood

  Barcelona, a European cultural center with a city-proper population of 1.6 mil, has several great neighborhoods, to include: Ciutat Vella (Old Town), the Barri Gotic, La Rambla, and El Raval. Another great neighborhood that visitors will not want to miss is Eixample, a vibrant, relatively modern district of Barcelona. Designed in the mid-nineteenth century, Eixample expanded ... Read Full Article

Exploring Barcelona’s Montjuïc

Montjuïc, situated on a hill in Barcelona’s Sants-Montjuïc neighborhood just southwest of the city center, boasts some of the best views of the city as well as some of Barcelona’s finest museums and sights. Montjuïc hill overlooks the Barcelona city center and harbor. Once covered with forest, the hill was cleared in the late nineteenth century for building. It was then selected as the site ... Read Full Article

Barcelona’s Mercat de la Boqueria

One cannot visit Barcelona without spending an afternoon, or several, at the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria. Located in the city’s old town, with an entrance just off La Rambla, the market is extremely accessible and thus very popular with tourists. Don’t let the throngs of camera touting visitors scare you, the market offers some of the city’s best food and is well worth pushing your way ... Read Full Article

Gaudí’s Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí’s unique architecture defines Barcelona for many of its visitors. Born in 1852, Gaudí became one of Spain’s most celebrated architects. His works defied any one particular architectural style though were clearly influenced by art from around the world, including: India, Persia and Japan. Drawing on numerous architectural forms, from Moorish works to Gothic Revival, Gaudí developed his ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Barcelona, Spain

  Before choosing a hotel in Barcelona, it helps to know a bit about the various neighborhoods/areas within the city limits. The general ambiance of an area can influence whether or not you might want to stay, eat, or play there. Here is a glimpse at the major neighborhoods in this diverse and beautiful city. Barri Gòtic Located in Barcelona’s Old Town, Barri Gòtic offers plenty of ... Read Full Article

Two Short Weeks in Spain

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

A few years ago, my husband Bill and I, along with several other bloggers, were invited by the Land of Valencia Tourist office on a trip to experience the Valenciana  area of Spain and the FIB Music Festival, held for the past 17 years in Benicassim. Although we have traveled to Europe more than 40 times, this was our first trip to Spain. We were delighted with the invitation, and we ... Read Full Article

A Tapas Tour of Northern Spain

  Tapas. Pinxtos. Or less formally, little bites of Spanish goodness. There are plenty of reasons to go to Spain; tapas just happen to be the tastiest. In northern Spain, typical tapas styles and the dishes that represent them can vary widely, as can the protocol for ordering and eating them in different regions. Here’s a primer on enjoying these small bites in three northern ... Read Full Article