Eating the Adriatic – Finding an Authentic Venetian Restaurant

  Finding an authentic Venetian restaurant is sometimes difficult; of all the cities in Italy, Venice is the only one that regularly serves bad food. In Italy, a bad restaurant doesn’t last long, because everyone knows what a traditional dish is supposed to taste like. If you can’t hack it, you’re out of business... fast. The Veneto region is the origin of many of Italy’s most iconic ... Read Full Article

Six Tips for Discovering the Authentic (and Cheaper) Prague

  Most everyone knows that Prague has the Charles Bridge, excellent opera and those adorable horse-and-carriage rides that follow the cobblestone roads into the sunset. But come on, don’t you want to live it up and live like a local, not just a skimming-the-surface tourist? Uncover the beating heart of Prague when you try out some of these insider suggestions at very non-touristy ... Read Full Article