Augsburg, Germany: a Roman Masterpiece

Fuggeri homes in Augsburg

A visit to Augsburg, Germany takes you back in time. There is evidence of settlements along the Lech and Danube Rivers existing at least seven centuries before the birth of Christ. The Roman city of Aelia Augusta was founded in the First Century, and there are vestiges of this city in Augsburg today. During the Middle Ages, Augsburg saw the growth of the Fugger and Welser families with their ... Read Full Article

Sightseeing in Germany’s Historic Cities

Germany has launched a great website for travelers who are interested in particular historic and cultural aspects of Germany. Historic Germany highlights thirteen smaller but historically important cities including Augsburg, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heidleberg, Koblenz, Lubeck, Muenster, Potsdam, Regensburg, Rostock, Trier, Weisbaden, and Wurzburg. The site also offers Dream Routes that focus on ... Read Full Article