Douja D’Or: Asti’s Celebration of Food and Wine

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  Douja D’Or , which means Pitcher of Gold, is a ten-day celebration of the outstanding wines and foods of the Piedmont region in northwestern Italy. Wine production is hugely important here. In the Piedmont province of Asti, miles of vineyards stripe the hillsides, growing fat clusters of grapes that will become some of the world’s best wines. From old Nebbiolo vines come the deep, ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Asti, Italy

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  Asti, a town of charm and style in northern Italy, doesn't get the tourist crowds that swarm to more famous places, but those who do come fall in love with this historic, hospitable town. You may now be wondering where to stay while in Asti. Lodgings in Asti, an hour's drive from Milan, range from luxurious, expensive villas to low-key budget hotels. 4-Star Hotels in Asti Hotel ... Read Full Article

Things to Do in Asti, Italy

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Walking through Asti’s narrow cobble-stoned streets and 18th-century squares is the best kind of time travel: you’re transported back through history, but you can stop almost anywhere along the way for a great meal and a glass of wine, and end the day in a modern, comfortable hotel room. Asti is a mid-sized town in the Tanaro River valley of the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. Its ... Read Full Article

Asti’s Palio: Horseracing, Italian Style

Flag Throwers at the Asti  Palio

The Asti Palio is not just another horse race. In Asti , an ancient, mid-sized town in northwestern Italy, the annual Palio is laden with tradition, pageantry, exuberance, gloom and joy. And it’s great fun. As in Siena, where a better-known Palio is held, people prepare all year for the big event. Medieval costumes are purchased or made, banners designed. Flag-flyers practice for performances ... Read Full Article