Exploring The Art of Montmartre

Picasso's At the Lapin Agile from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

On a cool, sunny, winter solstice morning, my husband and I disembarked at the Place des Abbesses métro station and gasped with delight. We were greeted by one of eighty-seven Art Nouveau métro entrances in Paris. This one, consisting of a display of lacy, iron, filigreed flowers and figures, ushered us onto the streets of Montmartre. This village, perched on a hill above Paris, was the ... Read Full Article

Three Art-filled Days in Madrid

According to Paulo Coelho, “a city is like a capricious woman: she takes time to be seduced and to reveal herself completely,” which is an apt springboard of thought for Spain’s capital city – and magnificent matriarch - Madrid. As far as European cities go – Madrid arguably has it all. Cosmopolitan, cultured and swimming in a sea of history unaltered by the tides of time, Madrid is a myriad of ... Read Full Article

St. Petersburg, Russia and its Iconic Art

It was a frigid, bland kind of Tuesday in St. Petersburg. I could not tell if it was colder than the day before, but it was definitely weather for the wooliest, thickest socks and gloves. It was the kind of weather that starts to freeze the blood in your face so that you can't feel the tip of your nose, and it becomes hard to talk or even smile. The clouds, in a wan blue sky, were enormous, but it ... Read Full Article

Exploring Bilbao, Spain: A Paradise for Foodies and Art Lovers

  After writing a paper on the Bilbao Guggenheim for a contemporary art history course in graduate school, I knew I had to get there one day. I was captivated by Frank Gehry’s innovative architectural design and curious to see the museum’s diverse collection. So, the day after I finished a rather intense teaching gig in France, I convinced my husband to hop a train with me, bound for the ... Read Full Article

Barcelona’s Treasures: its Art and Architecture

  Barcelona is home to some of the most stunning art and architecture in Spain. It seems that everywhere you look there’s another beautiful building and around every corner is another notable museum or gallery that you can attend no matter what the weather in Barcelona is.  From the famous masterpieces of Picasso and Gaudi to the artistic expressions of shoes and chocolate, there’s a ... Read Full Article