German Appetizers and Cocktails

  Feierabend and Appetitanreger in Germany As is the case with most German cuisine, German appetizers tend to be a bit heavier than their neighbors’ to the west and south. That’s OK, they also have plenty of refreshing beers, light wines, and German cocktails to lighten your stomach’s load (at least it’s easy to tell yourself that!). Many German beer hauses and bars offer great happy ... Read Full Article

European Appetizers and Cocktails: Greece

  This is one in a series of culinary posts focusing on some of the tastiest ways to start a meal while traveling throughout Europe. Stay tuned for more tasty appetizers and beverages from a variety of European destinations. Mezethes in Greece The tradition of eating mezethes (meze in the singular) dates back to Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks thought it unwise to consume alcohol on ... Read Full Article