Enjoying an Aperitivo in Florence, Italy

Apertivo Buffet

I’ve been walking and bicycling Florence’s busy and beautiful streets for five days now; it’s been hot and muggy, rainy and thundery, and absolutely breathing. Florence has many sides, but my favorites are its sights and its food. Since I’ve seen most of its sights before such as the Uffizi Gallery, and the Duomo, I’ve been focusing on Florence’s aperitivo culture and fine dining. Florence ... Read Full Article

When in Milan, try Italy’s Fabulous Aperitivo

Aperitivo is Italy’s happiest hour: For the price of a single drink, bars throw in an extensive buffet of traditional and exotic snacks. Usually beginning around five and continuing for two to three hours, aperitivo is one of my favorite Italian customs, and Milan is one of the best places to find it. Whether pausing during a stroll along the cobblestone streets or seeking a cold drink after a ... Read Full Article