Six of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Turkish Aegean is one of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Let's take a look at some of the most desirable, sought after and sunniest European winter destinations. Those accustomed to stunning sunsets and balmy eves during their European getaways might balk at the thought of traveling to the Old World during the long, cold winter. But you might be surprised that, from December to March, not all of the continent is covered in wild snow and sleet. In fact, ... Read Full Article

Alhambra: Spain’s Last Stronghold of the Moorish Kings

Inside the Alhambra

Looming above Granada as a reminder that all things must pass over time, stands the red stone walls of Alhambra. The castle, visible from most points in the city, is nestled in the hills like a mirage of some Medieval memory. While Granada is one of those European towns that proffers an air of the old world, Alhambra is in itself a true monument to an Age. While its origins are debated, it ... Read Full Article

The Tapas, Culture, and Relaxation of Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

  Roughly a year ago the idea began forming in my head that I should move to Spain, and almost on a whim I chose Granada as the destination for my relocation. While I had visited the town roughly ten years earlier, I had only spent a few days tasting its tapas and melting in its extreme summer sun. And, in reality, I didn't actually know all that much about the place. In fact, my memory of ... Read Full Article

Flamenco, Feria, Bullfighting and Barbers in Seville, Andalucia


Capital of the southern Andalucía region, as well as Spain’s cultural and artistic core, Seville is aesthetically beautiful, intoxicating and graceful. Moorish and Arabic architectural sensibility dazzles in a city rich with Spain’s most archetypal cultural attributes. It is here that the bullfight, flamenco and tapas all originate, and it’s hard not to lose yourself in Seville’s authenticity, to ... Read Full Article

Malaga, Spain: A Moorish Masterpiece

fiera in Malaga

One of eight provinces in Andalusia, Spain, Malaga dazzles with its regal architecture and glistening blue waters. Once considered the less-sophisticated little brother of Andalusia’s capital, Seville, Malaga is now a star in its own right. The home of a “one-armed woman,” the Moorish Alcazaba fortress (dating back to 1065), and the birthplace of the creator of “Guernica,” it is the perfect ... Read Full Article

Cordoba, Spain- A Convergence of Cultures


  A true Andalusian gem, Cordoba, Spain has a rich and varied history, which is apparent in the city’s current culture. Over the centuries, Cordoba has been inhabited by three of the world’s major religions- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which have shaped the architectural landscape and customs of the city. What to see in Cordoba The Mezquita is a Roman Catholic Cathedral that was ... Read Full Article

Ronda, Spain: Where the Rain Falls Up

Church in the Plaza del Soccorro - New Town

I was in the historic Andalusian town of Ronda for less than an hour before I realized that an umbrella will only do you so much good. Rain clouds were flying in over the surrounding Serrania de Ronda mountains as I crossed the 18th century Puente Nuevo , or New Bridge. As I peered over the edge down the 400 foot El Tajo gorge to the River Guadalevin, I noticed the strangest thing. The rain was ... Read Full Article

Granada, Spain: City of Culture, Castles and Cuisine


  While planning what was supposed to be a trip to Spain and Morocco, I scheduled a 1-day stop in Granada, Spain. After sampling the sights, sensations, and savory cuisine of Granada for one afternoon, we decided to prolong our stay.  Well, we liked it so much that we never ended up making it to Morocco on that trip.  What could possibly cause us to rearrange our itinerary you ask?  Was it ... Read Full Article

Spain’s White Hill Towns


  The Andalusia area of southern Spain is home to dozens of charming small towns, referred to as the White Hill Towns because of the whitewashed walls of the town’s buildings. While there are many towns scattered throughout the region, if you plan to visit a few it’s easiest to make a home base in one place and make day trips to the surrounding towns. Many of the towns along the ... Read Full Article

Spain’s Sublime Alhambra


  The Alhambra, a place of fable and romance, is a world wonder that lives up to expectations. Set on a hill overlooking Granada, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in southwestern Spain, the sprawling complex is unique. The sultans who ruled in the 13th and 14th centuries lived amidst fountains, courtyards, rose-edged pathways and gardens, all surrounded by slender ... Read Full Article