Alhambra: Spain’s Last Stronghold of the Moorish Kings

Inside the Alhambra

Looming above Granada as a reminder that all things must pass over time, stands the red stone walls of Alhambra. The castle, visible from most points in the city, is nestled in the hills like a mirage of some Medieval memory. While Granada is one of those European towns that proffers an air of the old world, Alhambra is in itself a true monument to an Age. While its origins are debated, it ... Read Full Article

Spain’s Sublime Alhambra


  The Alhambra, a place of fable and romance, is a world wonder that lives up to expectations. Set on a hill overlooking Granada, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in southwestern Spain, the sprawling complex is unique. The sultans who ruled in the 13th and 14th centuries lived amidst fountains, courtyards, rose-edged pathways and gardens, all surrounded by slender ... Read Full Article