Eating the Adriatic – A Date with Alba’s White Truffle Festival

Andrea Canaparo

  I arrived in the Langhe region to visit the annual Alba White Truffle Festival. Located in a part of Italy’s Piedmont region, the Langhe is home to some of the most prized cooking ingredients on earth. White truffles, Carrú beef, and a variety of cheeses, such as, the Robiola Rocchetta, testun de fen, and Castelmagno cheeses are products of this region. Some travelers that I met ... Read Full Article

The White Truffle Festival in Alba, Italy


  One of the most important festivals in Italy, the Alba International Truffle Festival , celebrates one the rarest and most highly prized cooking ingredients in the world: the white truffle. The unique flavor profile of white truffles is like that of fine wine: something more than words can describe. Its aromas can be mushroomy, and they almost get caught in the throat. While ... Read Full Article

Alba Italy: Home To The Slow Food Movement and Truffles


A culinary epicenter on a global level, Alba Italy is home to the Slow Food Movement, noble wines made with the Nebbiolo grape, and white truffles. A small town, even with a population of 29,000, Alba is located in the rolling countryside of the Piedmont region in the north of Italy. The hillsides that surround it are covered with grape vines. In the fall, the famous Alba, Italy White Truffle ... Read Full Article