Ajaccio: Napoleonic Sights in Corsica

Ajaccio Bonaparte Statue

  The names of the streets, the monuments, the statues, everything in Ajaccio, Corsica evokes the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte. Furthermore, a few kilometers outside of Ajaccio, you may discover sites where Napoleon lived or passed by. One of the best ways to explore them is by car. Napoleonic Sights in Ajaccio La Chapelle des Grecs On your way to the beaches that border the route ... Read Full Article

Ajaccio, Corsica: Napoleon’s Legacy


Ajaccio, the capital of the island of Corsica (located off France’s southern coast), is a chic coastal city characterized by its marina culture and a strong connection to its unique heritage. The city is notable because it was the birthplace of the French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). Whether you prefer hiking outdoors, touring museums and historic cathedrals, or ... Read Full Article