A Book of Hours for Paris’s Third Arrondissement

Sidewalk Cafe

If you were to take the third arrondissement of Paris and drop it down in the middle of Iowa, people from all over America would flock to see this marvel. But apart from its hot spots, “le troisieme” (also called Temple) is often overlooked by visitors to Paris. The arrondissement (district) numbering system for the city starts at the area around the Louvre, ground zero for tourism. The ... Read Full Article

Paris’s Posh 3rd Arrondissement

Shopping in the Marais

  Located on the right bank of the River Seine, Paris's 3rd arrondissement is one of the smallest arrondissements in Paris. Included in the 3rd arrondissement is the northern part of Le Marais, Paris’ oldest neighborhood. This is where you’ll find the oldest private residence in Paris (from the early 15th century), located on the Rue de Montmorency. The 3rd arrondissement is also home to a ... Read Full Article