Paris’s 16th Arrondissement: High Society in Passy

  The 16th arrondissement (also known as "Passy") is located on Paris's Right Bank of the Seine. Inhabited by affluent Parisians, Passy is home to opulent 19th century architecture, world-class museums (clustered between Place du Trocadéro and Place d’Iéna), large sporting venues (such as Roland Garros Stadium where the French Open takes place), and upscale shops. Another highlight of the ... Read Full Article

Paris’ Residential 15th Arrondissement

The 15th is the largest and most populous arrondissement in central Paris. It's largely upscale residential and doesn’t tend to attract too many tourists. The 15th arr. is close to both Montparnasse (the 14th arrondissement) and the 7th arrondissement , home to the Eiffel Tower and nearby attractions. The 15th is considered by many to be “le vrai Paris” (“real” Paris). Metro stops: ... Read Full Article