Switzerland for Summer Fun

Switzerland is well known for winter pursuits; venues for skiing and mountain climbing areswiss-hiking.jpg plentiful and legendary. But there is lots more to this beautiful country than just winter activities. Alpine hikes, mountain biking, Suspension Rope Parks and water activities abound in this beautiful and verdant country.

The Swiss tourist office offers up a myriad of suggestions for active biker.jpgsummer vacations in Switzerland. The site even has automated hike finders and Mountain bike trail finders that will help you choose the activity that suits your abilities and parameters.

If you are looking for a European vacation that offers unlimited outdoor and cultural activities, think Switzerland.

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  1. El Sayed El Tablawy says

    Switzerland stays inside my heart,i lived a wonderful time in this paradise,i do consider it as a paradise because i loved,love and i will still loving it but i do feel myself sometime bad when i think that i can not go back there.i love switzerland

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