Try a Short-Stay Apartment in Amsterdam

When most people search for holiday accommodation, they typically end up booking a hotel room. But a short-stay apartment in Amsterdam offers so many more benefits if you on a similar budget. If, for example, you are staying in Amsterdam for a week or more, a short-stay apartment may be a great alternative to a small, cramped hotel room. You’ll find that these short-stay apartments in Amsterdam are quite common for vacationers in Europe and many are located in and around central-city Amsterdam.

a perfect place for a short-stay apartment in Amsterdam


The short-stay apartments are very convenient for small families or groups. These apartments often provide full kitchen facilities and may even have space for your pet. Most of the booking sites only publish the names of the reviewed apartments and tourists can go through the reviews before selecting one. Short-stay apartments in Amsterdam require a permit for renting an apartment throughout the year. Generally, the apartments can be booked for a minimum seven nights stay and usually, four guests are allowed in these types of apartments.

Advantages of booking a short-stay apartment in Amsterdam

Book a short-stay Apartment in Amsterdam

Book a short-term Apartment on one of Amsterdam’s canals

More Space – Apartments usually have a lot more space than a hotel room and serviced apartments generally have a separate living area and a bedroom; travelers are not confined to a single room.

Convenient for small families or groups – Most of the short-stay apartments are designed to provide privacy to the guests. A short-stay apartment separates the living area from the bedrooms. In this way, couples traveling together can have their private space but enjoy together time in the living area.

Living area in a short-stay apartment in Amsterdam

Living area in the yays zoutkeetsgracht concierged boutique apartments

Get in touch with the local culture – Take  the opportunity to learn about the local culture. Short-stay apartments give an opportunity to explore the neighborhood and to meet your neighbors You can ask your next-door neighbor about a special café or a special local recipe.

A fully equipped kitchen– A kitchen in short-stay apartments gives a home away from home feel. Travelers may not want to cook regularly but a fridge and microwave oven come in handy. You can store all your late-night snacks and favorite drinks. It is also convenient for people who require special dietary requirements. Some apartments also provide a personal washer and dryer.

A small short-stay rental in Amsterdam

Amstel Delight studio in Amsterdam

Good Location– Budget hotels are usually located on busy streets or close to the business centers of the city. So, they are mostly far from popular tourist spots. But most of the short-stay apartments are in the proximity to city’s landmarks. Travelers can access up-market restaurants and exquisite shops if they prefer to stay in a good location.

Housekeeping – Short-stay apartments provide housekeeping service a couple of times in a week. Clean towels and bedspreads are provided when the guests ask.

Modern baths are available in short-stay apartments in Amsterdam

Modern baths are often available in short-term apartments

Cost-effective– Serviced apartments are generally a less expensive option than hotel rooms. You will need to book an apartment in advance in order to reap all the benefits of short-stay apartments, though you can still get good discounts if they stay for a longer period.

All in all, if you want a comfortable, affordable stay in Europe, consider a short-stay apartment.

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