SalzburgerLand, Austria: Bring the Kids


For a fantastic summer holiday, think Austria…think  SalzburgerLand. Set in the area of Austria around and south of Salzburg, SalzburgerLand is a natural wonderland, ripe with things to do and sights to see.  From hiking, biking, swimming and golfing, you Via Culinariawill never be at a loss for an active adventure. SalzburgerLand has more than 185 lakes, 17 golf courses and 7,200 km of marked hiking trails.

And, if you are looking for culture  look no further. You are, after all, in the land of Mozart and The Sound of Music. There are festivals, concerts, museums and monuments not only in Salzburg but throughout SalzburgerLand.

Foodies and anyone who just loves good food will enjoy following the Via Culinaria on any and all of seven delectable routes that traverse the entire SalzburgerLand.

And, to enjoy it all at a discount, be sure to buy the SalzburgerLand Card offering free admission to over 190 sights and attractions throughout the SalzburgerLand!

Matt Carroll, a travel writer, videographer, and adventurer  has been commissioned by the Austria Tourist Office in the UK to produce a series of videos highlighting the hidden treasures of Austria. You can follow Matt on Twitter: Here is Matt’s take on Salzburgerland:


Since Salzburgerland is a large region within Austria, you may find this  interactive map showing the towns in the area while highlighting things to do and see.

Written by Terri Fogarty for


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