Postcards from Berlin

We were in Berlin last week, and luckily, we were there for the “night lights”. During this week, Berlin’s most famous monuments are flooded with colorful lights at night. This city is a mix of modern and old, east and west. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and its vitality is evident in its modern architecture.

The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin


The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin.


The Reichstag is a massive neo-Renaissance palace that is now used as the Parliament building. The new glass dome was designed by British Architect Sir Norman Foster. The original dome was badly damaged in World War II.


The Holocaust Memorial honors the memory of the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis. The memorial was inaugurated May 10, 2005, 60 years after the fall of the Nazi Regime.


The Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) This church was built as a memorial to Kaiser Wilhelm and was badly damaged during the Second World War. Its ruins are preserved as a Peace Memorial. A new, modernistic church was constructed from its ruins and is lit by more than 20,000 pieces of stained glass that were made in Chartres.



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