Paris Biking Tours

Looking for a new way to see the city of light? How about a tour on an electric bike? Paris Charms and Secrets is a new company offering tours to famous Paris landmarks as well as to charming places you can’t get to by car.

Owner, Olivier Marie-Antoine, claims that clients will see a new side of Paris by learning about illustrious or obscure characters and seldom told historical facts, and viewing architecture, paintings and sculptures with commentary by knowledgeable tour leaders.

He assures riders that if you know how to ride a normal bicycle, you will have no problem riding an electric one. The only difference is that an electric bicycle is powered by a battery that helps you pedal, thereby allowing you to climb a steep hill without barely having to exert any effort! Electric bicycles run on batteries and are therefore completely non-polluting, and the electric bicycles used at Paris Charms & Secrets are specially designed to be silent, thereby protecting surrounding historical buildings from sound vibrations (which are frequently the cause of ancient building collapse).velo.jpg

The tour uses two-wheel lanes, alleys, garden paths, and quiet back streets and are hosted by a professional tour guide, so there is no fear of dealing with Paris automobile traffic.

Two four-hour tours a day at 9:30 and 2:30 and a 3-hr night tour starting at 8pm are offered with English, French and Spanish- speaking guides. The per-person price is 45 Euros. Reservations are preferred.

This is an exciting, new way to discover the hidden mysteries of Paris along with all the spectacular sites that make Paris the most beautiful city in the world.

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