Jump Into France’s Soothing Waters

Thalasso Therapy, a tradition that comes to us all the way from Ancient Greece, (thalasso is Greek for sea) is gaining increased popularity around the world.  From a strictly therapeutic method, it has evolved into a pleasurable experience.  In France, in particular, it is becoming the ‘in’ thing to do.  Women are flocking to centers offering seawater treatments on their own, or with friends or family.

benodet-thalassotherapyNext time you travel to France, why not take some time for yourself at one of the thalassotherapy centers that the country is famous for? Institutes specializing in this form of treatment are thriving from coast to coast – in fact, France counts 20% of all thalassotherapy centers in Europe.

Here’s my selection of the best of France’s Thalassotherapy centers.

Basque Coast

Athlantal Hotel
153 boulevard des plages
64600 Anglet

atlanthalLocated along one of the most beautiful sand beaches of the Basque coast, the hotel welcomes visitors in an exceptionally attractive setting.  Surrounded by vast green spaces, the Athlantal features upscale amenities.  Spacious rooms surround the patio with windows and balconies overlooking the ocean or the park. The hotel’s outdoor terrace leads to a heated seawater-pool.  Clients have direct access to the thalassotherapay center that proposes wide variety of treatments.  Some such as Thalasso Forme et Sante are designed to soothe pain caused by arthritis or rheumatism or to increase circulation.  Others focus on reenergizing the body, losing weight or stopping smoking.  Naturally, you will find an abundance of beauty and wellness treats, ranging from lymphatic drainage, mud, algae or seawater hydrotherapy baths to solar manicure.  You will be able to choose among three restaurants, each with its own specialty, including one specialized in Spanish tapas.  The center offers various packages and special deals.


Thalasso de Benodet
Corniche de la Plage
29 950 Bénodet
Tel 02 98 66 27 00

benodet-thalassoBenodet looks like a miniature of everything that you can find in the southern part of Brittany.  There is the ocean, the Odet river, the luxuriant vegetation and the pleasures of thalassotherapy. Overlooking the bay, the center is a haven of tranquility.  Renown for the variety of seaweed treatments – including three different types of seaweed wraps, the spa is under medical supervision. You can choose one or several treatments a la carte or have a program tailored just for you.  Among other amenities, the spa features a gym, an aromatherapy room and hammams. Instead of a walk on the wild side, you will be invited to a walk in a cold seawater pool. The trick is that the bottom is covered with small, flat rocs. The exercise aims at improving circulation, relaxing the foot and toning the body.  Men will also find treatments just for them. You can stay at one of the many hotels associated with the center. Most of them are located along the beach.

Thalazur Royan
Fort du Chay
17200 Royan
Tel : 05 46 39 96 96

therapyRoyan, the capital of the Cote de Beaute (beauty coast), is a dream destination.  With a yearly average of 2,400 hours of sun, it ranks as the sunniest sea-resort on the Atlantic coast.  Moreover, it is ideally located at the mouth of the Gironde, along a spectacular sandy beach. The Thalazur Royan overlooks the ocean with a backdrop of pine forests. Cures and treatments in the high-tech center are based on themes such as marine vitality, marine serenity, circulation or special back cure.  They usually stretch over six days and include about 25 treatments. Three to four-day spa breaks are also available. Pool gym exercises, somatorelaxology, underwater treatments and phlebology showers figure among some of the most sought-after treats. Guests interested in more than a day package can stay at the three-star Novotel Hotel.  Recently renovated, the hotel gives direct access to the center.

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