Easing Through the TSA Checkpoint

Being well prepared for the airport security checkpoint when you travel, will make for shorter lines and less stress. When traveling to Europe or anywhere outside the USA, your passport is your ID.

  • Have your ID and boarding pass available for the agents.  Remove your government-issued photo ID from wallets, plastic holders and other similar carrying cases, and present the ID along with your boarding pass at the start of the screening process.
  • Put cameras and all metalic objects in your carry-on luggage.
  • Hold on to the boarding pass until you have passed through the magnetometer, where you may need to show it again.
  • Take off your shoes and jackets and put them in the provided bin.
  • Put your laptop in a separate bin.
  • Take out your one quart sized baggie that holds your carry-on liquids and put it in the provided bin. Liquid containers can not hold more than 3 ounces each.

Since May 26, TSA began using a standardized list of acceptable identification for national airline travel.
Passengers who present a federal or state-issued photo ID containing name, date of birth, gender, expiration date and a tamper-resistant feature that is free from evidence of tampering can expect to be expedited through the travel document checking process. Standardizing the list of accepted documents better aligns TSA with other DHS components and REAL ID benchmarks.

For more information, visit the Government TSA site.

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