Cornwall, England’s Bedruthan Steps Hotel

For years The Bedruthan Steps Hotel has been known as a family friendly hotel, perfect for children and parents alike. In recent years it has become better known for its commitment to sustainability, innovative events and a beautiful ocean spa. Bedruthan Steps Hotel was one of the first in the UK to employ a full cornwall1time Sustainability Manager to oversee all of their environmental initiatives. In 2008 they won the annual Sustainable Tourism award and they boast locally sourced food and one of the best Ayurvedic spas in England.

Located in the Cornish seaside village of Mawgan Porth, between Newquay (airport) and Padstow, the Bedruthan Steps Hotel is set on the cliff side and can be seen from miles away when approaching the village. This is one of England’s more dramatic beaches. The Bedruthan Steps gets its name from the huge slate outcrops scattered along the beach and not the inordinate number of steps (142) you need to desend to get to the beach. It is said that the outcrops were put there by Bedruthan, a mythological giant, who used them as stepping stones. Access to the beach is via a steep staircase recently rebuilt by the National Trust. It’s not for the faint- hearted or unfit; the climb down and back up is steep and the steps are often wet and slippery. The gate providing access to the steps is locked between November and February.

Hotel_Rooms_Bedruthan_StepsThis beautiful 37 bedroom hotel has been built to meet the United Kingdom’s  high eco standards. In order to save energy, the hotel uses guest room key cards that operate the electricity so energy is not wasted when you are away from your room. Solar panels heat the outdoor pool. A grass roof provides additional insulation and the hotel uses rainwater runoff from the roof of the Ocean Spa to flush the toilets. The recycle program is extensive; they even recycle the sun chair loungers.

Bikers and cyclists are very welcome at the Bedruthan as evidenced by the provision of a secure, under cover bike storage area. Moreover, discounts are available to bikers since they are reducing the number of cars that are on the road. The hotel recommends that anyone taking a taxi to the hotel call the local BIO-TAXI service in the area.

The area is a hot spot for surfers in the United Kingdom. In Cornwall, the Gulf Stream keeps the water temperature up and the prevailing south-westerly wind keeps the air mild, enabling surfing all year round. The hotel offers surfing lessons from a local named Nick, who is a BSA approved and fully qualified instructor.

eden projectNearby places to sight-see include the famous Eden Project, one of the most talked about gardens on the planet. Offering education on almost every living plant known to man, Eden takes people on a journey that celebrates the value of plants to humankind. Their aim is to help find positive futures in the face of the radical change that is facing our planet.

Cornwall is a great place to spend some time or simply seek a break. There are many galleries, historic sites, beaches and gardens. The culture is vibrant, the accommodations are first class and, yes, the food is fantastic. There is something for everyone.

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