One of the Most Beautiful Drives in Italy

The road between Italy’s Santa Maria di Leuca and Otranto hugs the incredible white stone cliffs of the Southern Italian coastline, offering unparalleled views of the wide-open Adriatic Sea making it one of the most beautiful drives in Italy. italys-eastern-shore-on-the-adriatic-seaThe plethora of white sand beaches with friendly, picturesque beach towns with myriad hotels makes the drive perfect for beach hopping. Part of the Puglia region, the Salento peninsula contains some of the best kept secrets in Italy, and this drive hits several, including the seductive sea caves known as grotte.


I was staying in Lecce, the capital of the region, which is about 40 miles north of Santa Maria di Leuca. My girlfriend and I rented a car and sped the 40 miles south on Highway SS16. Traveling south, it took about an hour and we were in Santa Maria di Leuca, the last stop before Africa. Famous for its beach life, the town was packed with Italian tourists in August. To find secluded beaches, drive along the coast to the far right of the town where there is a less-known beach with a series of floating, wooden platforms that incessantly bob in the waves.

The stunning drive to Otranto begins in Santa Maria di Leuca and consists of highways SP358 and SS275. The drive is easy to navigate because it runs along the Adriatic Sea on the eastern shore of Italy; whenever you meet a fork in the road, take a right. Driving non-stop (not that you would want to), the trip takes around an hour.

Though the beaches were packed in Santa Maria di Leuca, the roads were not. Near the famous lighthouse that overlooks the beaches of Santa Maria di Leuca, there is a rotary with a sign for Otranto. Take this road and within 30 seconds dramatic limestone cliffs will come into view. They reminded me of the Amalfi Coast in some respects, only with a more jagged feel, and an abundance of olive groves instead of lemon groves. Amazingly, southern Italians have built stonewalls and even trulli (the small stone huts that have recently attracted so much attention in the town of Alberobello) on the cliffs. The incredible huts date from many hundreds of years ago.

We soon reached a spectacular bridge spanning a dazzling sea inlet near the town of Gagliano del Capo. We pulled over to look down from the bridge onto a finger of shimmering, turquoise water and observed a score or more of people swimming far below. We then noticed that there were many more people high up on the cliffs who were plunging into the  deep,clear water below. The daring jumps were certainly from points higher than 30 feet, possibly 50 or more, and amazing to witness. They drew quite a crowd and people applauded those divers that were particularly fearsome.

Back in the car, we drove until reaching the town of Castro, which is home to the best-known sea cave in Salento, the Zinzulusa Grotto. The grotto is filled with stalactites and stalagmites and you can either hike down a ravine to reach it or take a boat tour along the coast, which takes you inside of it.

As we continued on our way to Otranto we realized that the towns, cliffs, ancient coastal towers, hidden beaches, and delicious seafood restaurants along the drive were so numerous that we could drive the coast for days and still not see everything. I highly suggest exploring the lesser known sea caves and towns because they all offer unique surprises.

We arrived in Otranto just as the sun was going down and aperitivo (happy hour with free snacks and buffets) was striking up. The city is impressive at night, particularly its Aragonese castle. Some of the castle’s turrets and walls are accessible to all and afford incredible views of the city. The hotels, bars, and restaurants located along the shore and boardwalk were full of diners, and aperitivo runs until 8 o’clock. My girlfriend and I took a table, ordered two glasses of wine, and reminisced about one of our most memorable experiences on one of the most beautiful drives in Italy.

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    wow….guys its really amazing post….this is a awesome place on the earth…..well i suggest to all of my dearest ones please go to this place with your love and enjoying these days…

  2. says

    Thanks Goa Travel

    There’s nothing quite like being stuck out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: the coast is just beautiful.


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    I am Italian but Otranto is a place that I have not yet visited. The photos are really beautiful and make me want to visit those places.


  4. Giangi says

    the best season to drive along the cost from Leuca to Otranto and then to Alimini lakes is spring.
    Fields are green and meadows are colorful blooming

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