Amsterdam in Black and White


During a business trip in Almere, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time and enjoyed the amazing network of channels passing through the city. I want to share with you Amsterdam in a black and white mood.


Just across from the central station, a narrow channel offers you this beautiful view.


Amsterdam Canal

It is easy to distinguish Amsterdam from Venice: bicycles are everywhere! But pay attention, the cyclist is king of Amsterdam streets!


Amsterdam Houseboats

Originally, houseboats were an inexpensive way to deal with the Amsterdam housing shortage. Nowadays, however, they are in high demand. Some houseboats were once cargo vessels that have been converted to houseboats.


Amsterdam Bridge

Everything can be transformed into a bicycle rack, even a bridge!


Amsterdam Channel Cruise

You cannot visit Amsterdam without taking the channel cruise; the rain through the window creates a melancholic atmosphere.


Amsterdam Swan

A swan in the Red Light district

About Guest Contributor, Andrea Albertino: 

Born in 1982 close to Turin, Italy, Andrea Albertino earned a Phd in chemistry in 2010 and now works for a flavour company as a technologist. He developed a passion for photography three years ago; starting with a digital he moved on to analogical cameras. Andrea created a website to share his photo shots and travel experiences. To see his pictures, have a look at:

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  1. molly schoen says

    Lovely! The rain on the window photo really captures a dreamy, brooding effect. And the composition is great.

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