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We thought you might like this great site for Paris-lovers or those planning a trip to the City of Light. Zeev’s Map of Paris offers a detailed map of the city that is based on Google maps, but includes lots of additional great features.

eiffel-towerZeev Ben-Nahum, PhD, designed the Paris Map site and with the help of his son, Omer, who is a programmer, put it on line. Dr. Ben-Nahum developed the site because of his love for Paris. He notes that it is a work in progress, as he and his son have lots of plans to improve the site.

On the opening page, while the site is loading, Dr. Ben-Nahm gives a simple explanation of the site. The beauty of the site, in my eyes, is that it has a set of filters (Marker Types) on the right side of the screen where you can choose which sights you are interested in seeing on the map. You can select shopping, museums, parks, cultural sights and many other markers for display. He also includes his preferred restaurants and hotels, with more to be added.

I find that it is best to choose one or two filters at a time, because the map becomes too confusing with all the filters checked. You can zoom in to any part of the city and print off any information that you may be interested in.

The Print options are very powerful:

1) you can zoom in on a preferred touring area to a reasonable resolution (bottom left corner of map) to, say, 100 m / 200 m;
2) choose what icon categories will be shown;
3) press the Print option and voila – you have a printable map, alongside a list of places on this very specific map.
4) print the map and the accompanying list

Then, when you travel to Paris you will need only the printed map and list in your hand!  The most important attractions are described at length using the + sign in the icon’s bubble. Most sites also have a link to a relevant URL.

Another interesting feature is the satellite or hybrid versions, where you can zoom in and actually see the buildings on the street.

My advice is to go to the Paris map site and play around; it is fascinating and fun.

Written by Terri Fogarty for EuropeUpClose.com

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  1. Sue Mecklem says

    What a great map, Terri! I’m having so much fun looking at it and pondering my next trip.


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